Remote Nondestructive Testing of Unpiggable Pipelines

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ASCE Pipelines 2012

August, 18-22
Miami, Florida, USA

Transkor Group Inc (Transkor-K) was one of the participants at the ASCE Pipelines 2012. Svetlana Kamaeva, the President of the Company has presented MTM technology at the New Technologies- Pushing the Limits Workshop. This technology had been chosen for presentation on competitive basis.
The audience showed interest in method's fields of application, guarantees, restrictions, past experiences in the USA and across the World, as well as perspectives of application for water supply systems not suitable for in-line inspection.
MTM was of great interest to Pipeline Integrity experts due to attractive properties such as
1) method is technologically sound (contactless, no preparation of the pipeline, no interference with operating mode of the pipeline, indifference to the types of insulating cover as well as type of underground or underwater pipe layout)
2) high values of POD and POI (no less than 80 % in the range of 30 - 80 % of SMYS)
3) practically proven correlation (85-97 %) of reliability parameters Psaf, SCF, Si, ERF with calculations using conventional international techniques from ASME BG31, API, DNV part A, B: FEM
4) FOR THE FIRST TIME IN the WORLD absolute value of local mechanical stress is registered by this method.
Furthermore, method allows increasing the safety of offshore pipelines by detecting sites of loss of stability, sags, and other anomalies, detection of which is complicated for traditional methods.
MTM technology has been successfully used in the field of water transportation both in commercial pilot projects (more than 400 km) on PCCP pipelines in Saudi Arabia and the main water supply systems in Europe (with pipe diameters of 80" and more).

Svetlana Kamaeva is presenting MTM technology