Remote Nondestructive Testing of Unpiggable Pipelines

since 1999
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Odometer ODA-03

Portable odometer ODA-03 of «ODA» series is intended for distance measurement along a route of extended engineering structure, in particular, pipeline, on cross-country, with the purpose of fixation the linear coordinates (fixations on locality) of defects, which have been revealed during the in-line, non-contact magnetometric or other diagnostic inspection; features of a route: ground line structures, river crossings, roads, ravines, etc.

Portable odometer ODA-03 can be used as well for marking the longitudinal coordinates along an underground pipeline axis for completion of a database for the process of certification, as a unit of pipeline route-tracer "POISK-AMS" or other route-tracer set with function of laying depth measurement.

  • Portable
  • Minimal weight
  • In the shock-resistant case
  • Is simple in operation

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